Interest Personality Profiler

We bring one of the most well research theory in personality assessment, especially focused in career guidance and counseling, to map the interest of any individuals and help them to develop profound insights regarding the direction that they can choose in terms of academic area of study and their career path. IPP taps the power of unconscious mind which will enable a test taker to gain deep understanding of their personality. Several studies have shown that self awareness is a key to success and leading happier life.

Unlike any traditional lengthy questionnaires based assessments, IPP is based on pictures and gives a feeling of a playing game while it uses the power of apperception to map the personality traits.

Advantage of Interest Personality Profiler (IPP)

  1. IPP's current version is most suitable for students of class 10 in helping them in holistic development by creating deeper insights into their interest and personality so that they can make informed decision about academic subject to pursue in future. This is equally helpful for educators, parents, and counselor as a scientific tool in mentoring and guidance.
  2. Students of +12 and college students can also benefit by taking this test. It helps to fine tune their elective subjects, for example a BBA student can develop understanding whether s/he is good fit for finance, marketing or HR.
  3. Management educators can exploit this tool to help the students to develop insights into their personality and identify strengths and weakness. This is the most common approach in leadership training used by leading business schools all over the world.
  4. Career counseling and guidance for young adults.
  5. Helping clients to identify their personality interest so that it can be highlighted in their resume
  6. IPP can be used as a personality development tool.